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We have worked with a wide variety of different clients. We have accommodated non-profit organizations, academic institutions, local entrepreneurs, national corporations, personal projects, bloggers, artists, weddings, conferences and more. Take a look at some of our work.

Non-profit: Diabetes in Motion

Diabetes in Motion is a non-profit organization that presents self-management programs for persons with diabetes. This is a basic presence site which includes our email package.

Screenshot from Diabetes in Motion site.

Institutional: University of Guelph

We have worked with many different departments at the University of Guelph including the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences, the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Screenshot from a University of Guelph page.

Business: Fundamentals of Health

Fundamentals of Health is a small site for a Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner. This site features low-key graphics and is a typical entry-level “brochure ware” site, intended to get people onto the web quickly and painlessly.

Screenshot from Fundamentals of Health site.

Personal: Old Stone House

Old Stone House is a personal website dedicated to recording and explaining the work done to both preserve and improve a very old stone house. This site features custom graphics, including some seasonal displays, and has a focus on good content coupled with a display of Google AdWords.

Screenshot from Old Stone House site.

Arts: Lucky Number Ten

Lucky Number Ten is intended for mature audiences. This is a visually compelling website featuring a flash music player, lots of custom design work, javascript photo galleries and more. The now defunkt band featured larger-than-life personas and the website tries to reflect that.

Screenshot from Lucky Number Ten site.

Corporate: Scotties Facial Tissues

Scotties Design Challenge is no longer online. This site heavily featured the use of Flash, with PHP and XML to interface with a database.

Screens from Scotties Design Challenge