We do Web Design and Web Development

We work with you to create a clean, professional visual design that works on the web and can be used in print and other media.

We can integrate your existing brand or identity if you already have an existing website or logos and graphics

We use open source products, such as Drupal and WordPress and industry recognized Web Standards to build websites. You aren’t locked-in to our services because we use open source and web standards, . If you choose to find a different web developer down the road, your investment in our services won’t be lost. (But we’re pretty sure you’ll love working with us!)

Email, spreadsheets, and word processors online

Need more than just a website. We can help! Do you wish you could get your files from any computer on the Internet? Do you struggle with email and keeping in touch with your team? Imagine if your office was online and available from any connected computer – and that using it was simple and easy.

Resonant Studios uses Google Apps in our office, and we can set it up for you as well.

Teaching, consulting and speaking

If you don’t know how to use your website, you’re not going to get enough out of having it. We’ll teach you how to keep your website current and how to write for the web. A website is never finished, but it can be up to date. With our training and support you’ll be an expert in using your site and keeping your site up-to-date will be simple and fun.

We also do consultations and talks on strategic use of technology and how open source can help your organization.

If you’d like information on any sort of consultation or speaking engagement you can Contact us, or use the email or phone numbers on our business cards below.